Fundraiser for Atltlan School Music School (serving.......)
Date: 4/21/13 4pm-12am
Cost: $5 (all proceeds/profits benefit the charity)
Location:  Frontier Bar 2421 Webberville Road.  (that's about two blocks off of east 7th)  
For more information, see : website and email and phone for steve
link to paypal for those who can't make it ( is supposedly great b/c people don't need a paypal acct to use it, fyi)

                     4:00 Andrew Gerters with Steel Wheels
          4:30  Steve Ulrich for 15 minutes
5:00 Pyramid Drive
    5:45  Catch a Dream
6:30  Beth Richards
7:15 Exo-Zap  
8:00 Deerman
9:00 Steel Beam
                 10:00 me with Quinn and Nick
     10:15  Huerta Culture
We're charging $5.00 at the door.  All the money goes to the music school.
I'll have some Guatemalan stuff for sale and, of course, CD's and the Subatomic DVD

While I'm in the country my phone number is 512-529-8313.  I hope that you call me and I hope that you join us for a day of good music.  I'm still working on locations to give my short (1/2 hour) presentation.  I'm looking to be in the USA at least until the first week of May and I am looking forward to seeing you during my visit.  Please look at the web site for the school and spread the word to any one you know who loves music.

Saturday April 6 at Maria's Taco Express is an all day event from noon or so until late with lots of music and a South Austin Gospel Choir Reunion.  It is a benefit for Sparky, one of the lights of the SAGC who was in an accident.  Come to that, too.

Thanks,  Be Peace





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