The great state of Texas is filled with historic dance halls. In the late 1800s and into the early 1900s, dance halls flourished and at one time there were over 1,000 halls in Texas. Although there are now fewer than 400 remaining, there are more historic dance halls in the state of Texas than anywhere in the country. They represent authentic music, culture, and history.

Backed by Asleep at the Wheel and Ray Benson, The Texas Dance Hall Tour has set out to bring you the truest form of the dance hall experience there is. Spend a four-day weekend in beautiful weather touring dance halls in Galveston and throughout Austin County which is one of the oldest counties in Texas, organized in 1837 during the Republic of Texas and named after Stephen Fuller Austin, also known as the “Father of Texas”. With the Texas Dance Hall Tour you’ll get to experience:

  • Touring the dance halls and learning more about the history from members of the Texas Dance Hall Preservation
  • Dance hall concerts featuring a range of notable Western Swing, Ameripolitan and Americana artists
  • All accommodations provided with a stress-free booking experience
  • Shuttles provided to and from each evening dance hall concert
  • A list of optional various daytime activities
  • More details to come!

The walls of the Texas dance halls are filled with history, romance, and a way of life. If you’ve never stepped foot in one, this is your chance to do so! From the small town atmosphere with modern urban conveniences to rural beauty, the Texas Dance Hall Tour will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Help Save the Halls: The Texas Dance Hall Preservation is committed to saving historic Texas dance halls and the authentic music and culture that is still found in them. If you’re interested in how you can become a member of the Preservation or how you can donate please go to: http://texasdancehall.org/