Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall

Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall – October 28th
Address: 13035 Hall Road, Cat Spring, TX 78933
Phone: (979) 865-2540


Cat Springs

Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall

The Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall is located on Farm Road 1094 about eleven miles northwest of Sealy in Austin County. The building was constructed in 1902 by contractor Joachim Hintz to serve the German and Czech families in the area. The community of Cat Spring had been established by German settlers in the 1830s and was further populated by Czech immigrants in the 1850s. A Landwirth Schaftlide Verein, formed in 1856, assisted farmers in the region in learning and executing new and productive agricultural techniques. The organization eventually developed into the Cat Spring Agricultural Society, and the hall was intended to serve the needs of the growing population. (Another area meeting place, Old Turner Hall, served the region from 1895 to 1958.)

With Hintz’s building designs, the Cat Spring Agricultural Society planned for a twelve-sided hall with a large support pole in the center, which allowed for more dancing room. The hall officially opened on February 8, 1903, with an inauguration ball. The Cat Spring Star Music Capella provided the music.

For more than a century the hall has served as the focal point for community dances, festivals, and holiday celebrations, including an annual Fest in June. Traditionally, dancers move counterclockwise around the center pole.